NUCF Supper

Posted on 4th May, 2009 by nucf | Edit

 NUCF enjoyed a very relaxed evening together as a prelude to the exam period starting. A great time was had by all, and Wendy Morton, the PPC for Tynemouth, very kindly agreed to join us. Steven Bainbridge, departing chairman of 2 years, gave a rousing speech in which he thanked Wendy for all her support and encouragement. We all look forward to our exams being over so we can get out and ensure a Conservative victory in the local and European elections in june!

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Francis Maude Visits!

Posted on 2nd December, 2008 by nucf | Edit


Members of Newcastle University Conservative Future today met the Conservative Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude MP.  This enlightening talk took place over coffee, and everybody there was pleased with how it went.  Mr. Maude discussed at length the Damian Green affair and the awful way in which traditional elements of our constitution are being disrupted.  There was also a little discussion over the Pre-Budget Report and the Conservatives’ implementation of policy for when we win the next election!  Wendy Morton, PPC for Tynemouth organised this event for CF, and took the time to thank us for our campaigning in Tynemouth thus far.  Steven Bainbridge, Chairman of NUCF thanked Mr. Maude for venturing ‘up North’ to visit us, and expressed hopes that other senior MPs may follow suit.

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NUCF debate ‘The Greatest Tory’

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Continuing our series of internal debates, this week NUCF debated who the greatest Tory was-apologies to the Guardian for stealing their idea from this years conference! From left to right in the photo we had Steven Bainbridge proposing Enoch Powell, Scott Jackson championing Winston Churchill, Rupert Oldham-Reid forwarding Robert Peel in full costume, and Neil Archibald arguing for Lady Thatcher. Each person gave a short speech arguing for their candidate, followed by a general debate with questions from the floor. The debate was lively and the large audience were generally very impressed with the quality of the speakers, and the arguments they presented. When the chair of the debate (Stephen Dipnall seated centre) was satisfied that enough discussion had taken place a vote was called for. Members of the audience voted off the person they were least swayed by, which led to Robert Peel falling at the first, and Winston Churchill following him. That left Lady Thatcher and Enoch Powell in head to head for victory, with Lady Thatcher clearly triumphant. Lady Thatcher also won the debate at conference, so clearly NUCF is representative of the Tory nation as a whole. After the debate mince pies and drinks were enjoyed as the speakers and audience continued to debate the merits of all the candidates into the evening.

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Newcastle CF go to the dogs

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On tuesday NUCF made their annual trip to the dogs in Byker. We were very pleased to be joined by Wendy Morton, the excellent PPC for Tynemouth. We all enjoyed a sumptuous three course meal whilst table-side betting was indulged in. In all there were fourteen races, with Stephen Dipnall carrying on from where he left off last year and generally cleaning up-prompting him to declare he had found his ‘niche’ in life. In a less successful vein Scott Jackson mirrored his performance from last year in betting on every race and losing every single time, much to everone else’s amusement! Thanks must go to the dashing social secretary Rupert Oldham Reed for organising such a successful evening.

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An Evening with Wendy Morton

Posted on 27th October, 2008 by nucf | Edit

We are delighted that Wendy Morton, the Conservative candidate for Tynemouth is joining us tomorrow night.  Wendy will make a brilliant Member of Parliament, and she has been a very good friend to NUCF over the last year.  So do come along to this event and meet the next MP for Tynemouth!

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Petition complete

Posted on 23rd October, 2008 by nucf | Edit

On Tuesday, we had a very successful few hours campaigning against the closure of our University Post Office.  Unsurprisingly, the majority of people were really receptive towards our campaign and dismayed at news of the closure.  What annoyed people (including ourselves) the most, was that the consultation period regarding the closure of the Post Office began on the 1st July and lasted for just the summer months.  Of course, this was a time when most students were away from the university, and thus unable to voice their opposition effectively.  In just 3 hours, we gained 459 signatures on our petition, which we shall forward to local MP Jim Cousins, the Secretary for Communities and Local Government Hazel Blears and towards the Post Office themselves.  Hopefully, we will receive some sort of response.

If anybody has any other ideas for things we should campaign for at Newcastle University, send us an email.

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Save Our Post Office

Posted on 17th October, 2008 by nucf | Edit

On Tuesday, NUCF will be campaigning on the university campus to save our union Post Office.  Our Post Office is one of many that is being closed as the government cuts back on these essential services.  Newcastle University students are being directly affected by this programme, as we see one of our union’s most used services being taken away.  We hope to collect enough signatures to show that this is a move which is not supported by students here, and that the Conservative Party’s opposition to closures is the right move to make.  If you would like to join us, we will be outside the front of the Union from 12.00-15.00.  We hope to see you there!


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